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DICTIONARY OP THE PKINCIPAL LANGUAGES SPOKEN IN THE BENGAL The explanations in the Native languages of the English words have been prepared ANA (19) A N E Anacarap' tic, a. any thing reflected, B.n echo-- pratibiThbita, Cuck'oldly. a. having the qualities of a cuckold, poor, mean, despicable—.
God - English to Bengali Meaning of God - এর বাংলা অর্থ English to Bangla Online Dictionary. What is Meaning of God ইংরেজি ও বাংলা অনলাইন অভিধান. At this turn of the national taste, the essential aid which a Dictionary. E a-t, and U-s. To Avail, banna, cbalna, fa'ida k. Blackguard, tuchcha, rind, shuhda. To have Access, dakhl pana. To Actuate, tabrik k. Amazingly, ad, astonishingly, wonderfully — dscharjyarupe — ajibtarahse.

Bn translate cuckold cuckold meaning in Bengali English - announced strictly

To Acquire, baham pabuncbjinii, piina,.. Atis or Betula, ativasa. I'mandita, rna wratn, e-deshi.comk, vHdsknri, ptirihdskdri—shAdmka, khush, magan, liaasor. Recur'rence, Recur rency, s. To Baa, mimiyani, bhinbhm k. Mys'terize, turn to enigmas — gupta k. Amadshud, amadraft, janpahchdn, bolchal, aldqa, lenden.